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“The Fastest Game on Two Feet”

Fairfield Lacrosse Board Meeting
October 12
Fairfield Library 6:00 P.M.

Fairfield Lacrosse Board Members 2017-2018:

President                   Eric Marler                     
Vice President           Sam Starke                     
Treasurer                   John Meyer                    
Director of Sports      Craig Davis                    
Boys Liaison             Dennis Horn 

Girls Liaison              Doug Johnson                 
Secretary                   Amy Thomsen                
Website Manager       Shawn Thomsen            


Meeting began at 6:00 PM

  • Board decided on registration details and are ready to open registration October 15
  • Task list of items were discussed and designated to board members
  • Due dates were assigned and will be communicated through Drop Box
  • Website updates were given with suggestions
  • Possible "store" online for spirit wear
  • Joyce Park will be our new Home Field.  Concessions will be available as well as restrooms.  Upgrade from previous home field.  The added cost has many benefits

Meeting adjourned 7:45